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  • 01.17pm: Grand Vitara (98 05) FUEL FLAP . For year 1999 id=1598918 .
  • 03.21pm: Grand Vitara (98 05) AIR FLOW METER . For year 2004 id=1598359 .
  • 07.05pm: Grand Vitara (98 05) FUEL FLAP 1995. For year 2003 id=1591741 .

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  • 11.41am: Grand Vitara (98 05) Fuel System Spares 2.4 2009 id=1598962
  • 01.17pm: Grand Vitara (98 05) Fuel System Spares 1999 id=1598918
  • 10.52am: Grand Vitara (05 on) Fuel System Spares 2.0L 2007 id=1598829
  • 08.17pm: Grand Vitara (05 on) Fuel System Spares 1.6 2008 id=1598563
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    2.4 2009. 1999. 2.0L 2007. 1.6 2008. 2004.TDS 2003. 1.6 2003. 2003. 1995 2007.DDiS 1.9 2005.
    Fuel Pumps, Turbo Chargers, Presure Regulators, Sender Units and Sensors
    Grand Vitara Turbo Charger Grand Vitara Fuel Injection Pump Grand Vitara Fuel Pump Grand Vitara Fuel Sender Unit
    Grand Vitara Diesel Pump Grand Vitara Fuel Pressure Regulator Grand Vitara Fuel Pressure Sensor Grand Vitara Stepper Motor
    Grand Vitara Throttle Potentiometer Grand Vitara Turbo Pressure Sensor Grand Vitara Vacum Pump

    Fuel Tank Diesel, Common Rail, Filler Kneck Pipe, Lockable Cap and Flaps
    Grand Vitara Diesel Fuel Tank Grand Vitara Fuel Common Rail Grand Vitara Fuel Filler Kneck Pipe Grand Vitara Fuel Flap
    Grand Vitara Lockable Fuel Cap

    Air Flow Meter, Carburettor, Fuel ECU, Pump Relay Glow Plug Relay and Inlet Manifold
    Grand Vitara Air Flow Meter Grand Vitara Carburettor Grand Vitara Fuel Pump Relay
    Grand Vitara Glow Plug Relay Grand Vitara Inlet Manifold

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