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  • 11.21am: 2.0 16v 128HP AIR FLOW METER 1995cc. For year 2005 Mass airflow sensor location = attached to air filter box.
  • 11.41pm: tdi FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 2000. For year 2001 .
  • 03.54pm: XL-7 FUEL FILLER FLAP 2700. For year 2004 .
  • 03.22pm: tdi FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 2.0. For year 2003 .
  • 06.29pm: ddis TURBO CHARGER 1.9. For year .
  • 01.36pm: xl FUEL FLAP 2700. For year 2001 .
  • 05.59pm: ddis TURBO CHARGER 1900. For year 2006 .

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  • 09.26am: GV AIR FLOW METER 2000. For year 2000 .
  • 06.16pm: FUEL FILLER FLAP 2.5. For year 2002 .
  • 06.51am: ddi INJECTOR 1900. For year 2007 .
  • 03.28pm: tdi AIR FLOW METER 1600. For year 1999 .

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